New fall sermon series

This fall we are setting out on a new sermon series, "Deconstructing Deconstruction." In recent years Christians have been deconstructing their faith at unprecedented rates. As many of us who grew up in church can relate, new Christians often receive a faith that can't stand against the onslaught of lies that comes from the secular world around us. The ways we understand (or misunderstand) Jesus, Scripture, and who the Church is supposed to be can make all the difference between a faith that can withstand the brokenness of our world and a faith that just falls apart. In our current sermon series, we will spend seven weeks leaning into topics like Jesus as deconstructionist, the Bible and race, purity culture, marriage and singleness, and the truth-seeking methods of discernment. If you're questioning, you're in the right place. Join us on Sundays this fall at 10am to seek truth together. 

Pastor Stephen Sharkey preaching