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Granite City Church Staff

photo of stephen sharkey granite city church staff

Stephen Sharkey

Pastor Stephen and his wife Kathleen have been married since 2004. They have 3 young boys and live just minutes away from the church in Quincy. Stephen is a graduate of North Park Theological Seminary and is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Photo of cindy comiso granite city church staff

Cindy Comiso

After many years of exuberant church service and some years of desperately longing to trust God more, Cindy received her MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2001. She married Glen in 2005 and they are grateful to be parents of three children. A native New Englander and cancer-survivor, Cindy has a big heart to share God's hope and love to our community.

Photo of Kathleen Sharkey Granite City Church Staff

Kathleen Sharkey

Kathleen grew up right here on the South Shore where much of her family still lives today.  She is the mother of 3 boys, a certified spiritual director and you can even find her playing bass on the church worship team once and a while.  Kathleen has been married to Stephen since 2004.  When growing up, Kathleen had a deep love for the church and God's word, and she is passionate about seeing kids grow in that same love for Jesus and his ways.

photo of mike maynard Granite City Church Staff

Mike Maynard

Mike grew up as a pastor's kid moving 13 times across the east coast. His upbringing has made him increasingly passionate about bringing the love of Christ to people in unique avenues; music being one of his favorites.  Mike also owns his own coffee roasting company called 'Awaken Coffee' and strives to demonstrate the hospitality and service of Christ through his love of coffee.  He currently lives in Quincy with his wife Hannah and their two (rather loud, but very affectionate) dogs Mookie and Benni.

Photo of Lisa Eaverone Granite City Church Staff

Lisa Eaverone

Lisa has been attending Granite City since 2016. Since then, she has served in various ministries including KidsRock and the Kidsrock Closet. She lives in North Quincy with her husband and son.

PHOTO OF Adam White Granite City Church Sexton

Adam White

Adam grew up in The Covenant Church of Quincy and has served as the sexton at 315 Whitwell St. for over a decade.  He is an avid runner and a fan of New England Revolution soccer.

Dan compitiello Granite city church council member

Dan and Joanna Compitiello

Dan has been a part of Granite City since fall of 2013 when he moved from Long Island, NY to Quincy to attend Eastern Nazarene College. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Joanna, since July of 2017. Dan has a heart for young people and is passionate about helping to bring up the next generation of Christ-followers.  Joanna grew up on Long Island, NY, where she attended church from birth until she moved up to Massachusetts to attend Gordon College, where she studied Music Education and Vocal Performance. Joanna began attending Highrock with Dan, and has felt at home there since 2014. Joanna is a full time music teacher in Quincy Public schools..

Granite City Church Council

photo of Chris Wong Granite City Church Council member

Chris Wong

photo of rita richards granite city church council member

Rita Richards

photo of joyce haglund granite city church council member

Joyce Haglund

Financial Officer
Dan compitiello Granite city church council member

Dan Compitiello

photo of glen comiso granite city church council member

Glen Comiso

photo of nicolette fountaine granite city church council member

Nicolette Fontaine

photo of stephen sharkey granite city church council member

Stephen Sharkey

photo of Kennel Etienne Granite City Church councile member

Kennel Etienne

photo of Ishnane Guillet granite city church council member

Ishnane Guillet

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