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How a church does its business matters. We might not think about things like budgets and processes as spiritual, but they are.  God is in the midst of it, which is right where we want God to be.  In an effort to make the governance of our church above reproach, we entrust important decisions about the life of our church to our members.  Passing a budget; calling a lead pastor; amending our constitution; appointing new leaders––all of these important functions and more belong to those who have chosen to call Granite City Church their spiritual home and who have committed themselves to membership.  

First and foremost, members have a say in church business.  For those people who have made Granite City Church their spiritual home, this is an important way to be involved in the life of the church.  Other membership benefits include access to benevolent care and a more natural pathway to our pastors for crisis care, discipleship and spiritual direction.  Our members also have the ear of our missions committee in regards to support for mission work that they might wish to advocate. 

Baptized believers or those on a current path toward baptism may become members.  Also, if you are members of another church, you should request that your name be withdrawn from their membership rolls before becoming a member at Granite City Church.  We believe every confessing Christian at our church should be a member.  This is the natural pathway to participate in the life and governance of Granite City Church.

If you are interested in becoming a member, we host a short membership class several times throughout the year.  At this class, we will review the history of Granite City Church, what makes our denomination unique, and what it means to be a member at our church.  If you have any interest in the next class, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.  We hope you take this next step! 

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