Guest speaker Greg Coles

Guest Speaker Greg Coles | February 11 | 10am

On Sunday, February 11th, we'll get the opportunity to hear from Greg Coles, a gay man and follower of Jesus who is also a PhD in English and an author of three books -- two of which are award-winning memoirs about Christian faith, belonging, and sexual identity. 

Greg works for the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender in Boise, Idaho where he curates discipleship resources to help churches and youth grapple with the challenges of sexuality in our world today. We're so excited that he can join us and share his story and wisdom as a single, gay, Christian man.

Following the service we will offer lunch and conversation for all who want to hear more, including a Q&A featuring topics on human sexuality and biblical teaching. Childcare will be available for the discussion part of this gathering (advance RSVP for children requested HERE). 

We encourage any and all questions. We strongly urge you to submit your questions for a pastor or our guest speaker in advance of our February 11th lunch gathering. By using the button below, you have the option to remain anonymous if you wish. 

Author Greg Coles will speak at Granite City Church February 11th